If I Were The Devil – Paul Harvey

I have listened to this  1964 broadcast several times. It is timeless despite being 53 years old! Every time I listen I am amazed at how accurate Paul Harvey’s concern for the future is.

So thankful for the ability to “go against the tide” by bringing our kids to church, teaching biblical values and having Christian schools that support those values!

My heart is so sad to see many Christian parents cave to the pressures of the day. Some just give up and take the attitude of “whatever will be, will be.” They claim to “instill values” into their children, but their efforts do not match their claims. Then there are those Christian parents who want to live in both worlds. They have “modified” what is Christian in an effort to be “relevant” and “acceptable” to the world.  They claim their parents “missed the mark” when it comes to understanding Scripture’s intent. Ironically, in an effort to make Christianity palatable to the world, they not only ignore Scripture’s intent but they ignore some of the most clearly stated Scriptural commands. Perhaps most disturbing is their wholesale disregard for personal responsibility and holiness, a central theme in Scripture.

I find it ironic that the real rebels and brave countercultural heroes of our day are parents who work hard to support traditional values. Not an easy task.

Dear God, bless those parents who stand up against the onslaught of filth!

*Thanks to One American News for bringing this to my attention once again!

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