American Ignorance Causes Disdain for the Atomic Bomb’s Use

The use of the Atomic Bomb in World War II is more controversial than ever.  Schools and Colleges are teaching our children that the US was at worse vicious and at least impatient in deciding to use the bomb. But those protesting and declaring the immorality of the United States have no grasp on History. The battle of Okinawa, an Island 340 miles from Japan, served as a precursor as to what was to come. Here are the stats:

– Despite being outgunned the Japanese fought for 82 days
– Over 160,000 casualties
— 100,000+ Japanese soldiers died
— 40,000+ civilians died
— 15,000+ American soldiers died
Some estimates figured that the battle of Okinawa’s 160,000 was a drop in the bucket compared to the death toll of a ground battle in Japan. Everyone was convinced the toll would be much higher.
Despite relentless bombing on the Japanese main line, the Japanese showed no signs of giving up. Here are the stats:
– Japan had 1 million men
– 5,000 aircraft
– new kamikaze pilots were being trained
– an entire ship was sent out with orders that every man on the ship was to fight to the death (It did not even have enough fuel to return.)
– there was evidence that civilians were being trained in soldier killing suicide tactics
In the months following the actual results of the two bombs shocked everyone. But here are the death tolls approximated 4 months after to include those who died of radiation poisoning (does not include many who had shortened lives due to cancers):
– Hiroshima, 146,000 (original estimates were 90,000)
– Nagasaki, 80,000 (original estimates were between 35,000 and 50,000)
Even after these bombings, the Japanese War Council would not give up. It was the Japanese Emperor who finally, with huge pressure, convinced the War Council to allow the soldiers to surrender.
The shock of what happened convinced the US to be very careful with this technology and to avoid its use at all costs. The US has successfully avoided its repeated use despite treasonous acts which have given this technology to other countries. So there is no evidence that the US was somehow callous to what happened. The only callous individuals seem to be those who show little concern for the civilian Japanese and US soldiers of the time, assuming that a ruthless and “fight to the end” Japan was somehow going to “be nice” and give up.
When I see such ignorance, my heart is saddened. It seems like our schools and colleges are no longer places where good, healthy and even sometimes heated debates occur. Instead, they have become bastions of liberal indoctrination.
I am thankful that parents still have alternatives. Conservative and Christian parents would be wise, when available, to take advantage of these alternatives.

2 Replies to “American Ignorance Causes Disdain for the Atomic Bomb’s Use”

  1. Good word Mark, I read “Killing the rising sun” which obviously goes into more detail. It is amazing how people, this generation, just will not see the truth in anything, especially history.

  2. Thanks, Mark. With grandkids in college, I’m appalled at what is going on to rewrite history so our kids and grandkids aren’t learning the truth.

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