More of Ellen’s Haiku

Ellen Strohm, my darling wife keeps pumping out Haiku. Here are more since the last time I published her work.

For a Friend

A test is a test
Mortality uncertain
Faith Hope Love Joy Peace

Subway Refrain

Doors Are Opening.
Frankfurt train making ALL stops.
Doors Are Closing. Doors…

Grown Women on the Train

Go girl, suck that thumb!
And wear that Pokémon hat!
You be you, Boo Boo!

Snow Forcast

Pink glow of sunrise
Peace belies the threatening
Calm before the storm


Sun is shining! Sunshades!?
Why do we hide from the sun?
Sun. Truth. Let them shine!


Fog. Haze. Distortion.
Fog. He said. She said. They said.
Fog. Where is the sun?

Family Conflict

Angst, turmoil, darkness
Brothers against one another
Hear the cries, listen

Stick Together

Sow kindness, sow love
Do good to all, don’t exclude!
We reap what we sow…


Icy. Frozen. Hard.
Slight and silent, cracking, hope
January thaw

Hope you enjoy her work.


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