Did Christ Discourage Defense of Self and Family?

I continue to be amazed at what I read from Christians who are appalled at the restrictions of bringing in Refugees to the US. I read how the US should allow in as many refugees as possible. That we should be willing to accept the “dangers” because Christ was a radical who we should emulate. We are told by these individuals that it is biblical to lower our guard and not to worry about differing views on core American values. To defend their “Christian” position, they quote verses like Matthew 25:41-43, an admonition to help those in need when you have the power to do so. We also see verses about loving your enemies and turning the other cheek.

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Of course, I heartily believe all of these verses. I for one, have spent much effort attempting to invest in and help others. I beg those of you who are posting these articles, to PLEASE join me in being a Court Appointed Special Advocate, to represent children in the foster care system, join me in working with people from other countries, join me in working to recruit men to be mentors to fatherless boys. Join my wife and me in allowing people to live in our home. I BEG you to join me.

But, simply put, just about all of these articles are confusing Scriptural admonition. The issue also comes up when those on the left criticize anyone who would not want massive amounts of tax money to go to help the needy and poor. Even when it comes to husband and wife roles, and many more issues of Scriptural “confusion.” The confusion has to do with Authority and Position.

Different Biblical Positions have different Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Duties of individuals
  • Duties of family leaders
  • Duties of the church
  • Duties of government

The above all have different roles according to Scripture. Let us consider a few things from Scripture:

  • God commanded Israel to protect and defend itself.
  • God commanded those who do not obey the law to be punished.
  • Jesus told his disciples to live under the law.
  • Jesus, in a violent act, drove out of the Temple, those who wished to desecrate it.
  • Jesus’ disciples carried swords, and he even told them to obtain swords.
  • Isreal was commanded to be good to the foreigners – repeatedly.
  • God instructs us to be wise to the deceptive ways of the enemy.

And on and on we can look at Scripture. At first, it can seem confusing. Are we all to do the above verses? Is Government to do all of the above verses? But are there differences as to which of the Positions are to accept and follow through on certain responsibilities?

I believe it is evident, that the answer is YES! Here are just a few of the responsibilities I find in Scripture:

Personally, we are to love and invest in others! Friends, enemies, Christians, non-Christians, anyone who we come into daily contact. We are to be a living example of Jesus.

As a father and husband, I see Scripture that forbids me from allowing certain people into my homes (go ahead and look it up!) I am worse than an infidel if I do not protect my family. I am to love, lead, provide for, and protect my family.

The Church is to preach and teach God’s Word. They are to invest in families and lovingly discipline when people are not walking the way they should be. The church is to take care of the widow and fatherless.

The Government is to protect it citizens. God has very harsh wording for leaders who do not protect. The government should reward those who are good and punish those whose actions are evil.

Truthfully, I am disturbed by many of the “Christian” articles I am reading that are proclaiming our country “non-Christian” based on the present policy which seeks to correct the way we admit refugees. These disturb me for two reasons. First, these articles seem to switch personal responsibilities to government responsibilities. My concern is that individuals will feel relieved of and no longer fulfill their personal God-given responsibility. Second, by incorrectly assigning personal responsibility to the Government, our country significantly weakens our Government’s ability to protect and keep safe its people. We inadvertently destroy God’s plan for Government.

I have a confession to make. I was one of the people who faded out Sunday School and brought in Children’s Church. At first Children’s Church “simplified” the biblical message. But then the simplified message morphed into a social gospel, confusing or shifting responsibilities and no longer fulfilling II Timothy 2:15 “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.”

I dearly wish we understood the different positions God has ordained.

As I have stated before, I am for bringing in refugees. However, I believe we need to vet them and stop our present practice of ignoring the Christian refugees. The system is broken and has weakened our defenses as a country. I desire this to be fixed before we continue the influx of refugees. I firmly believe this is Biblical because God has ordained the Government to protect its people. Looking at Germany’s “Night of Rapes” and hundreds and hundreds of reports of refugees with a clearly different view of women, and how inner cities are being destroyed, where poor German boys are routinely being beaten in the schools where Muslims dominate, cannot be ignored. These dangers are very real. My heart brakes because not only are we undermining governments ability to do its job, the very roots of masculinity, where the man and father are to protect and lead in the spiritual learning process, are destroyed by the contemporary social gospel.

Lord help us!



6 Replies to “Did Christ Discourage Defense of Self and Family?”

  1. The left throws out labels and calls anyone not on board with their agenda as haters. People rely on emotions instead of truth and sound principles.

  2. Agreed. I think I’m frustrated with the amount of articles from the right that most definitely are used to fuel our fears. Most Americans are completely oblivious to how our refugee policy works and are therefore, easy to scare. There are 56 million displaced peoples in the world. Only 21 million are designated as refugees by the UN. It takes years to earn this designation. The US took in 85,000 of these designated refugees last year. 46% where Muslims. 86% of the total to the US are women and children. People who apply for refugee status have no say in where they will be placed. So there is no guarantee that they will make it to the US, which would make it difficult for a terrorist to come here through the refugee process. And, like I said, it takes years. Once designated a refugee, you have to be vetted for whichever country they’re sending you. This also takes a lot of time. Not to mention, the US will only take the cream of the crop. And most resettlement programs here are Christian organizations. They commit to these people for years after they get here to help assimilate them into American culture. I understand that people are fearful of becoming Europe. But that can never happen. We have a two huge oceans that protect us from millions of people knocking on our door. As someone who knows way too much about WWII, America has a sad history of not allowing persecuted peoples into the country when it is most needed. But back then it was for economical reasons that people were now allowed in. I’m just not sure how our policy can be much improved. It’s already very strict.

    1. You bring up some good points. But in recent years the “cream of the crop” has not been true. Many of our regulations have not been followed up on in this very issue. And one sad note, you have to be in a refugee camp in order to be labeled a refugee. But Christians are routinely chased out as documented by CBN. That is why CBN got permission to put up fences and safe zones for Christians. So that they can finally make it somewhere as a Refugee.
      On that note, Christian Churches in what has typically been the “dead” Europe, are now beginning to thrive, not with Europeans, but with both Christian and Muslim Refugees who are coming to Christ!
      But, in both Texas and Michigan have already experienced honor killings of young women and both states are trying to figure out what to do with Sharia law as large groups of Muslim men in those states are demanding that our police and judicial system turn their eyes so they can have Sharia Law! There are still little girls routinely being mutilated by these men – right here in the USA! We simply cannot deny these truths.
      So again, I am very much in favor of Refugees, I just want us to be smart about this.

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