Sometimes life is full of struggles. I am not talking about superficial struggles – like having to spend hours setting up a new computer because your old one broke, or waiting all day for your new refrigerator to be delivered only to have its arrival come at 6:30 in the evening when you would have been home anyway. Both of these events happened to me this past week.

But we all go through some real struggles. My health has really been an issue the last several months. My wife has been working through some real difficult challenges in her professional career. To Ellen and me, these have been real struggles.

Last night, in a moment, all our struggles seemed so trite when news arrived letting us know of a friend who has suffered a real tragedy – within the last 24 hours, he lost not one, but both of his grown sons.

Perspective. Instantly I realized my life is very good.

I am so thankful for God’s blessings and for His allowing me to live this life. Thank you, Lord, for my beautiful family. My Dad, siblings and their families, my wonderful wife, children and their spouses, and grandchildren. I am thankful for friends who I can spend time with and together we can share struggles and joys. I am thankful for my Church and Pastor who love and invest in me by sharing God’s Word and give me an opportunity to love and invest in others. I am thankful that each and every day I can get up and do work for our Lord! His provisions have been so miraculous over and over. Yet, still, I find myself complaining! I can personally identify with the rebukes on the people of Israel who complained after being blessed so richly.

God, help me be thankful and grateful for all you have given me! I pray I stop looking at the struggles and focus on your blessings and faithfulness.

May it be so Lord,


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