Madonna to Be Praised?

Many of us watch and listen in shock as we look at our social network feeds. Madonna tweeting out her private parts and many individuals and media are celebrating her and her “independence” and freedom from oppressive rules. But Christians are to be vilified because they are oppressive and force people to be submissive to archaic and oppressive rules.

And churches are beginning to cave and only promote “freedom” in Christ, not the truth of being submissive and dying to ourselves. Schools, under the supposed need to be “separate” from any religious faith, are promoting their own “right and wrong” adding to the confusion.

Here is a facebook conversation from yesterday:

lsh: Madonna, such a wonderful role model. NOT

gf: It just blows me away when people hate Trump because of some of the things he’s said; but these same people idolize Madonna, Beyonce, and so many of the leftist degenerates in the entertainment, sports, and media industry.

lsh: Especially Madonna..she has the filthiest mouth on a Woman. I would be so ashamed if she were my Mother..

another friend’s feed:

ed: Does anyone else see the irony that Madonna is singing at a women’s rally? Isn’t she the same woman who has objectified herself and with her songs and lyrics gone against the very thing that these women are protesting? Tweeting a pic of her privates to support the March? As a guy I’m confused. Just sayin.

reply: A person can talk about their body, touch it, take pictures of it etc. as it is their own. The problem is when another person does those very things without consent. There is a huge difference.

Here are my thoughts:

I have thought about this for some time. Dennis Prager says that Wisdom begins with the belief in the Judeo/Christian God, especially the first book that Christians, Catholics, and Jewish people all hold – Genesis. From the beginning, Scripture holds that God created, and He set forth what is right and what is wrong. But if you do not believe in a God, you basically make up what you think is right and wrong. Someone somewhere has to make it up. So instead of sex being a beautiful expression between a married man and woman, you have to somehow redefine it and somehow make up what is right and what is wrong. So, the world has decided the “right” thing is “consent.”

Follow me here… So in this crazy mixed up nonsense, Madonna, Miley, and the whole lot are “OK” and even to be celebrated because they have given consent to being objectified. It is their “choice” so it is OK. But in their twisted minds, President Trump (and due to Elitism, which is another discussion – Trump represents nearly all white males) are predators and they do not get consent to “do” things to others. Therefore, they are evil. This is honestly their worldview, and about 75 – 90% of all kids graduating from the public schools think this way. Even in our good and red state schools. Worldviews of what we teach today are diametrically opposed to conservative and religious views.
So, seriously, due to this worldview, these people are quite ‘secure’ in their view of why Madonna, tweeting her privates, representing and profiting from the objectification of women, and leading to abuse of women, is to be celebrated. President Trump, someone who has provided hundreds of jobs and wants good things for our country, is to be vilified.*

It is sick.

So get your kids and grandkids into good churches that teach the Bible! But primarily, teach them yourselves, about who created us and for what reasons and help them learn Biblical rights and wrongs – from the 10 Commandments (references marriage, property ownership and much much more) to the reality that we are basically “evil” in nature and must learn to control our impulses and learn what is right from God, not decide for ourselves. This is SERIOUS business! This election has exposed the shocking truth of what is actually believed out there in the USA. Conservatives should all should be horrified.

Conservatives and Christians should all should be horrified.

Parents and grandparents, don’t despair. There is hope. Our hope does not depend on who is president, or the rise or death of bad or good media. Our hope is with God. So bring your children to Him – learn and read about Him together.

May God’s grace and peace be with you,


*Yes, I know he said some very, crass and stupid things that I do not agree with and find offensive, as did President Obama in his pre-president days and as did President Clinton during his president days. And I can’t stop remembering how the Women’s Rights movement refused to condemn Clinton. I am in NO WAY justifying inappropriate statements. And if these protests were actually about President Trump’s statements, I would have agreed with them. But they were not.

So, what do you think? Tell me below.