So my wife Ellen has taken up writing Haiku poetry while she is commuting to her office. Here is a taste of what she has been doing:

Moisture soaked, thick air
Promise of rain and relief
Haze will fade to Hope

Hush, stillness, silence
Hundreds, thousands passing through
Together, alone

Wash over my soul
Symphony of nature noise
Urbanlife escape

Sun rising silence
Storing the silky stillness
Brightness breaking through

Too cold! Too cold, too!
WOW! Winter is not kidding!
Heat’s vague memory

Peering thru Facebook
Joy, truth or merely mirage
Seeing through Facebook

Rising sun, anxious
Rushing to begin the day
Melting, clearing shine

Pressing, beating storm
Darkness, rain, wind and howling
Sunrise overcomes

Shrouded day, no sun
No hope, scant joy, clouded view
Light of the World, come!
– – – – – – – – – –
Hope you enjoy her work.

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