Is Europe Doomed?


I have been listening to Sky News this morning. I know better.

As a result I have decided Europe is doomed. Seriously, they are doomed. Their philosophy and outlook are so secular they are incapable of seeing truth. They have no answers to major issues and do not even know how to go about coming up with answers. Did I mention I think they are doomed?

For that matter the US is not far behind. I know in my day we used to mock those old Pentecostal preachers who used to say that only revival can save a nation and people group. I can hear all of the “enlightened” Christian leaders I respected, oozing with arrogance say that a hungry belly cannot listen to the gospel and that food programs, hospitals and schools were the answer. Then we can give the gospel.

Well, here we are having spent billions on food programs, hospitals and schools only to see them burned, stolen and misdirected due to sin. Turns out it may have been wiser to go in with the Gospel first and then food programs, hospitals and schools.

My generation quickly figured out that working through the indigenous people was far more effective. But only if these indigenous people were moral. Looking at history the most effective help came in the form of revival, then helping the indigenous people place moral constraints on its people and government. Finally, through a moral people and government help can be given by building better schools, hospitals and farms.

I am convinced my generation got it exactly wrong.

Those old Pentecostals who said we would be wise to spend time praying for revival, the ones we mocked – yeah, looks like they had it right!

So, what do you think? Tell me below.