American Journeys International Summer Camp

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dccs_small (18 of 4)I am very excited about Delaware County Christian School’s American Journeys department. Arlene Warmhold, Director of International Programs, also heads up the American Journeys division which includes an International Summer Camp, Leadership Summit and Winter Experience. I have been asked to come on as the Executive Director of the International Summer Camp.

Together with Christine Allen, Arlene Warmhold and myself we are putting together two dccs_small (18 of 5)International Camps* for children ages 9-17.

  • July 3 – July 16
  • July 17 – July 30

These camps will give International students a chance to experience American culture as well as practice their conversational English.

Special classes, group activities, field trips and the opportunity to stay in American homes will help give international students a wonderful experience and opportunity to gain self confidence and understanding of America.

A special curriculum will highlight many common English words with a fun group dccs_small (19 of 5)introduction to the words, ELL classes, then a staff, counselors and student ambassadors all instructed to use the day’s words. Even the Homestay parents will have a simple review and game to play at the evening meal. These activities will all come together to help the international student gain a firm grasp on hundreds of English words in an enjoyable and natural way.

The International Campers will also be with the same Counselors and Student Ambassadors to allow everyone to build friendships and learn about each other and the unique cultures each comes from.

If you know of International Students, particularly Chinese students, please let them know about our program!

More details can be found on the Delaware County Christian School website at

*Children other than Chinese Students are welcome, but only a Mandarin interpreter will be available at the camp.

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