How Can Politicians Get Away With This Stuff?

Medicare is a broken system. My father’s doctor bill for his heart catheterization was $1,340. Medicare pays $179.68 to the doctor. In other words, everyone else is footing the bill for medicare patients. We are both taxed to pay this and we pay a hidden tax in higher insurance costs which have to make up the difference. NPR was praising Obama for postponing, by 13 years, when medicare will run out of money. But is this something to be praised? If my budget were a mess and I decided to pay the mortgage company, the gas station, the grocery store, the restaurant, etc. 15% of what they are charging me, then I can say, just like NPR said “look at what a great job I have done at shoring up my budget!” Was that a “great job?” Kinda feels like a scam – paying doctors and hospitals less is their way of helping to “save” medicare. Seriously, how could a doctor spend hours on my father, have all the overhead and only get paid $179.68?

UnitedHealcare Group says it lost over 400 million being apart of the Affordable Care Act exchange (often called ObamaCare.) It expects to lose another 500 million this year, which is why it says this will be its final year in the exchange. (

But again, ObamaCare is praised, despite its huge failings and underpayments to doctors and hospitals.

So I ask myself, how can the politicians get away with this stuff?

Dennis Prager ( put up a meme on his facebook page –


I know we all do a bit of wishful thinking, but sooner or later we really need to come back to earth. We need to head toward the “evidence, rationality, or reality.”

When it comes to ISIS, Iran, Gun Control, the declining rights of Christians, our healthcare system, etc. we need the “evidence, rationality and reality!”

Time to put away wishful thinking.

Mark Strohm


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