Is the Refugee Crisis Re-Feminizing the Church?

The refugee crisis and the debate over what America’s role should be in it, continues to evoke many emotions. From Right vs. Wrong, Kind vs. Indifferent, Foolish vs. Wise. Some have even spiritualized this debate using words like Christian vs. un-Christian and Biblical vs. anti-Biblical.

I have read the emotional pleas that we put aside our concerns and stand up for what Christ would do and accept any and all refugees, no matter what religion they are and no matter whether they believe in our basic American precepts or not. Some even claim we should ignore any threats and lovingly accept individuals who openly want to fundamentally change what this country stands for.

But let me back up a bit.

For years some believed the church suffered from being too “feminine.” Many considered the Evangelical church a safe haven for women but poorly preparing boys to be men. I heard many a concern about this. However, books like Wild Things

seemed to bring the Church back around to understanding and even enjoying and promoting more boy and man friendly atmospheres. Suddenly churches began to see another side of Christ – the man who turned over tables and even called people names while strongly rebuking them. There was a recognition that Scripture really does have much to say about warriors and those who stand firm and strong in defending what is right. One aspect that began to take hold was that of being strong in “protecting” from evil and false doctrines. The plethora of Scripture on this matter was suddenly front and center and churches began to celebrate men who wanted to rise up and protect their families.

However, when it comes to the refugee crisis, I wonder if the church is now telling the protectors that they need to let their guard down, ignore the dangers and “love” and accept into their cities all refugees – regardless of whether or not these refugees pose a threat.

Should we love? Yes! Should we desire to invest in refugees? Yes! But should we be cautious and careful in who we choose to allow into our country? Yes!

Come on church! Be wise (Matt 10:16) and caring and protective. It can be done. Don’t regress and re-feminine the Church!


So, what do you think? Tell me below.