Some Observations at Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers

freddy's 2

You may wonder if I am crazy, but my mind never shuts off. So read this with a grain of salt, or should I say with a grain of Freddy’s Seasoning, and enjoy.

Yesterday my Dad and I went to Freddy’s but my Dad’s hearing aid is broken so we could not talk. I sat there and made the following observations.

  • How much you weighed was directly linked to who you came with. If you entered the door with a family or children you were normal sized. If two men entered together they were, shall we say ‘over’ sized. At no time did only adult women enter.
  • Parents spent way too much time trying to slow their kids down and keep them from running over the “elderly” and apologizing when they zoomed by – because at no time did the little demons, I mean precious children, ever even come close. But just in case I walked around with my elbows out.
  • How much couples spoke was directly linked to age. Younger couples talked regularly. Middle aged, sporadically. Elderly – they just did not talk. As a matter of fact, they did not even look at each other.
  • Kids under 12 apparently love the soda machine. Most of them got their cups at the cash register and before the meal was paid for, ran to the soda machine. Where despite their great rush to get there, they then stood and stared at the choices. About 1 in 5 mixed two or more sodas, I assume because they simply could not choose. But I am no soda expert.
  • freddy'sBoys socks are different by ages. Little boys wear dark or black socks. 11 – 14 year old boys wear crazy socks, as in orange or green with some sort of cartoon character on them. (It wasn’t minecraft or something like that was it?) Teen boys – you cannot see their socks. For their mom’s sake and the odor of their house, I hope they were wearing them.
  • Everyone, boys and girls, under 12 had shorts on. Well, the girls had shorts on, the boys had some sort of half shorts, half pants that went down to their knees or even lower. Most had basketball sneakers on.
  • The 12 and under boys nearly all had basketball shorts and for some reason had a high frequency of putting their hands between their legs. Was it the rayon, sudden warm weather with the re-emergence of shorts, wedgie problems? Seriously, you don’t see this kind of thing when it is cold and they are wearing jeans.
  • Without exception, every girl between 9 and 15 had a pony tail. And amazingly they were ALL at the exact same angle coming off their head. How do they do that? Is there some sort of Angle cap you pull the hair through? Do they do the tail over and over until it is just right?
  • Of the people 18 and over, not a single one had blond hair. Some had sandy brown, but not blond. Around 20% of the children under 12 had blond hair. I did not realize the drop off of blond hair after puberty was so drastic. Or is blond hair so strongly associated with idiots that they all dye it?
  • When Pap and I go to Freddy’s at lunch nearly always we see a child throwing a fit about what he or she has to eat. And yes, they are all 5 and under. But in the evening, there were no fits. Is that due to the presence of dad, their older siblings, threat of death?
  • There were two different groups of teen boys who came in. For some reason, no one would decide where to sit, so it took a ridiculously long time before they decided where to sit. Seriously, they all had this strange, mouth open, staring across the parking lot, “whatever” thing going. I had no idea the boys needed the girls so much.
  • Lunch or Dinner, I really, really like Freddy’s food!

Have a great week!


*pictures are copyrighted from Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers and are not to imply any endorsement of my views or comments.

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