Is it Time for the Circus to End?

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from wikipedia

Trump is doing one thing right. He has recognized that many people are “fed up” with the ridiculous, contradictory, absurd policies of the politically correct Washington Elite and Media. Unfortunately, he is fighting fire with fire, with proposals of his own that are ridiculous, contradictory, and absurd.

I clearly understand that many Independent and Republican voters have had it with the crazy nonsense. Generally older and more experienced, so many Republicans see the future our present policies will yield. And it is disconcerting.

I really do think America is great! Not because of a strong military or our wealth. But because of our freedoms and the ability to pursue what we desire. For one, freedom to worship is no small thing!

Sadly, our great nation is under attack by a group of Arrogant Washingtonians, Snobby Media as well as Elite Collegians. They have decided we should be more like Europe. This is sad and upsetting. Trump knows that and has made it clear to us that he dislikes the direction we as a nation are headed.

But with that agreement, Trump and I part ways. I would like to see more than chants of “Washington is run by a bunch of idiots” and see real policy discussions, not media stunts.

Unfortunately, the Walter Cronkite days of media are over. Soundbites and sensationalism is what it takes to get people to websites, so Trump is tailor made for a headline hungry media.

But I wish we could get to discussing real answers.

Anyone else with me?


Here is an excellent read from the Washington Post’s Charles Krauthammer:

Why Take Trump Seriously?

And a great 5 minute video on what makes America great from Prager U:


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    1. I guess the process decides “who.” But I wish Republicans would wake up and stop playing the silly game of “sensationalism wins.”

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