Is The US anti Muslim?


What country would this be? –

  • It liberated and protected Bosnian Muslims.
  • It economically built up the oil-producing states and liberated Kuwait.
  • It promoted Turkey’s integration into NATO.
  • It deposed the Shah of Iran and restored the Ayatollah Khomeini.
  • It singlehandedly dragged Israel into accepting Yasser Arafat as a self-governing neighbor.
  • It ended Israel’s war in Lebanon before Israel could crush Hezbollah.
  • It negotiated the return of Sinai to Egypt.
  • It responded with unprecedented generosity to natural disasters in the Muslim world, most notably the tsunami that wracked Indonesia.
  • Every effort was made to rebuild Iraq – more than can be said of Iran, which waged war against Saddam Hussein as well.
  • It has contributed far more to Afghanistan than the Soviet Union ever did.

YEP – United States of America.

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Taken from an excellent article I highly recommend! In a recent post I asked about how we could safely accept Syrian Refugees. (Accepting Syrian Refugees) This article has some common sense solutions. Click below to read it.

How Do We Lower Risk in America of Islamist Terror?

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