Have Churches Forgotten the Holy Spirit?


Giggling this morning.

Trying to imagine Jesus in meetings with his Disciples talking about “engaging and authentic” monthly preaching themes, then meeting with his creative team to make sure his parables, stories and words of wisdom are “received in a creative way” to facilitate the audience’s understanding and engage them into genuine action.

Yeah, I can’t imagine that either.

So what happened? How did our churches get to this point?

Christ did want our ministry teams to rely on someone for genuine engagement – the Holy Spirit. I wonder if between theme meetings and creative teams and whatever Ministers devote huge amounts of time to, the only real authentic way to facilitate engagement has been lost.

Thus the pseudo Holy Spirit movement was created. Ever more effort and time spent attempting to replicate the power of the Holy Spirit, but never able to do so.

Pray for your Church. Pray for your ministry team. Ask God to help and guide them and allow them to tap into the real power of engagement. And don’t you fall into the same mistake. It is not up to you to change your church. Don’t criticize your ministers. Pray for them. God will do the heavy lifting!

Blessings to you on this day.


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