Is Christianity Back In Style?


Funny how the world works. We have been told for years not to take the Bible too seriously. It is a nice book and all if you just take the overall themes. But any kind of strict adherence is dangerous. So just don’t use that Bible to formulate any opinions.

Not when it comes to a host of social issues from Abortion to Alternative Marriage.

Not in our schools with any favorable mentions and certainly not for prayer.

Military Chaplains should not talk about Christ.

Don’t even think about that silly creation story in Genesis.

Nor should you believe that whole resurrection portion.

If you actually believe in prayer you should disqualify yourself as a presidential candidate as well as Supreme Court nominee.

It would be better to let your kids decide if they want to learn about the Bible.

You should never, ever push that Bible stuff on anyone!

But now, in the last week, all of a sudden many on the left along with the media are suddenly pushing the Bible of all things. The Bible says. . .  we have heard more in recent days than in years and years.

How many times have you been reminded that the Bible says this or that about refugees? You are not a Bible believing Christian if you don’t want to take in refugees.

Never mind that those quoting the Bible are mixing up what are personal exhortations and the duties of a country.

As many of you know, I am for allowing Refugees into the US (not single male refugees though) but I just find it odd that all of a sudden our anti-Christian media and liberal pundits have suddenly gotten religion.

So, what do you think? Tell me below.