How My Parents Ruined My Life One Photo At A Time

ruined life

Seems like people are so upset and frustrated as of late I thought I would post something on the lighter side.

Did you ever wonder what your parents were thinking when they took certain pictures?

Were they actually not thinking or was it a purposeful plot to humiliate us later in life?

Take for instance baby pictures. Do they take our cute moments? No! It is like they sit around waiting for the most embarrassing moment. And what is up with the pictures in the buff? Who is ever going to want to see this picture in the future? Was this to show family and friends that I had all my parts? Or was it to show them how fat I was? No matter what they were thinking, their thoughts were askew.



And what is up with the silly outfits? I am pretty sure I was looking at my mom saying “seriously?” Once this picture was taken I hope they never dressed me in this again.



Let’s be honest. Learning how to walk is tough. Why would your parents take a picture right as you stumble? (Though I really do like the hat!)




Can we talk about accessories for a moment? Is there any reason in the world to put these sunglasses on a boy? Are those cat eye glasses? Really? And couldn’t they get the cap on right? While I am complaining, this is an awful baseball stance.


OK, so I get dressing up and all. But why am I the only one not square to the camera? And what is up with that jacket? Notice my brother has a nice plain color, but not me.


My parents seemed to love pool pictures. Every picture pretty much looks the same. Kids, water, everyone looking really, really wet. I am sure I am waving saying “Hi Mom, I see you. . . again.” I wonder if they kept a picture log of every pool we ever swam in.


I am loving the cool arrow set, and I even like the fat cheek thing going with my attempt to blow up a balloon. But is that a pink party hat on my head? Seriously? And what is up with my sister Lori peeking out from behind? Is she in pain?


I have no words for what is going on here.


I loved this swing at my grandparents. This picture brings back wonderful memories of Lebanon, PA. But not wonderful memories of bananas or those patches on my pants.


I am not sure what this is about. I can only guess. But then your guess is as good as mine.kid03-002


So did my parents ever require I get a haircut? And notice I am not looking into the camera? I wonder if I was mortified by the pants. Does my little brother have a mullet going on? By the way, I loved those sneakers. They were my tennis shoes.kid02-001~~~~~~

Again, when did I ever get a haircut? And a leisure suit? Ugh.kid02-002But in all honesty, my parents were great. And I am sure they took these pictures to keep me humble in years to come!

Thanks mom and dad.

So, what do you think? Tell me below.