Accepting Syrian Refugees – Loving Response or Trojan Horse?

The Procession of the Trojan Horse in Troy by Domenico Tiepolo (1773), inspired by Virgil's Aeneid, in the public domain.
The Procession of the Trojan Horse in Troy by Domenico Tiepolo (1773), inspired by Virgil’s Aeneid, in the public domain.

Like so many issues these days, this question is not simple and news organizations do not help sort out what are the real issues.

As heartbreaking as it is for me, I think the Syrian Refugee issue is now bogged down in the mire of political gamesmanship and victim of what has been a blundering if not foolish Presidential administration.

First, let’s establish some perceptions. (I will not call them truths, but I think they are fairly obvious.)

  • Despite some inroads and legislation to curb illegal immigration, this administration has an abysmal record on actually following the laws and has therefore allowed illegal immigration to become a serious problem. In some cases being arrogant about their refusal to follow the law and have shown a “holier than thou” attitude to those who desire for the laws to be followed.
  • Around the world and in the US, including Michigan and Texas, there are aggressive Muslim populations who have engaged in honor killings and have felt empowered to make very rude if not despairing remarks about non-Muslim women. Shockingly there have been, in certain circumstances, calls to allow Muslims to enforce parts of Sharia Law here in the US.
  • Around the world and particularly in Europe, Muslims have been allowed to emigrate and are accepted based on the ideal of Christian charity and secular tolerance but too often Muslims do not appear to be thankful, rather they are becoming aggressive and even antagonistic by belittling the very belief system that was so kind to them. Some have even taunted their host countries, insisting that due to their superiority, they will soon “marry your daughters and make everyone Muslim.”
  • Radical Muslims have shown themselves to be ruthless, killing their own people and anyone who gets in their way. They do not play by the same rules and the more kindness they are shown, the more aggressive they seem to become. They would have no problem using the Syrian crisis to their benefit even if it meant more Syrians dying due to distrust of refugees.
  • The Muslim faith does not appear to be compatible with western ideology, clearly viewing women as inferior (1/4 of a person according to even moderate Muslims) and not tolerant of other’s beliefs including but not limited to not allow other belief systems to speak about their faith or convert Muslims.
  • Muslims, both Radical and warring non-Radicals have a horrific record on their treatment of people, especially women.
  • Europe, Africa, Indonesia, India as well as other continents and countries are experiencing much trouble at the hands of Muslim populations, not only because of Radical Muslims.
  • The western University Marxists and the liberal left seem to be forcing westerners to agree or at least acknowledge that the Muslim religion is a religion of peace and would operate just fine if it was not for the radical element destroying this peaceful, wonderful religion. But no matter how many times pretending this is true, there seems to be disastrous results.
  • There have now been dozens and dozens of US and worldwide attacks (from Boston to Fort Hood) from those espousing the Muslim faith. Despite screaming to the contrary, it appears that moderate Muslims are all too easily drawn into Radical Muslim action, causing many reasonable Americans a healthy dose of distrust in the Muslim religion as a whole.

Now mix in several Muslim countries at war with each other. The wholesale murder and maiming in the name of Allah has produced record numbers of supposedly moderate Muslims to flee from several Muslim countries, especially from Syria.

The refugee conditions are shocking and stir the heart and emotions. We have seen the sinking of inadequate boats, babies washed up on shore, the horrific living conditions and the desperation. Everything within us wants to do something.

And herein lies the problem. It is a conundrum.

As Christians and even those not calling themselves Christian but Secularists, we feel a compulsion to help. But we have a firmly rooted distrust in a very poor track record of other worldwide Muslim immigration. And also distrust the reality that any migration here in the US would involve a federal government that has blatantly not kept our traditional Judeo-Christian interests in mind. Ironically, despite the heckling from our University Marxists and those on the left about how we need to be more tolerant of Muslims and their faith, and how it is outright prejudice to deny the wonderful blessings of the US to these poor victimized people, it is the Judeo-Christian belief system that has produced the moral stability for such comfort and wealth to be produced. A wealth like never before seen in history.

Yet we know, and the liberal left keeps pointing out with unrelenting obnoxiousness and near rudeness, that there really are refugee victims who just want relief. This is the same left who mostly ignored the very recent Christian atrocities, has insisted that we not fight anyone else’s wars and that we are not the World’s police or welfare system. But now they are singing a different tune with such urgency they seem willing to disregard all common sense.

And can I just get something off my chest? If this had been Christians fighting each other I am very certain the left would not be singing the same tune.

Some have even compared this crisis with the tragic and infamous lack of helping the Jews before World War II. But I have a hard time with that comparison. An evil Nazi regime was not at war with a different sect Nazi regime with the more passive Nazis falling victim. Jews, a people who were not at war with the Nazis were being targeted. And at that time as well as presently, the Jews and their religion are not in opposition to our Western ideas and laws. Perhaps if there were Radical Jews and moderate Jews fighting each other, the comparison would have worked, but that simply was not the case.

Calls for vetting the refugees have met with some conflicting responses. Some say it is simply impossible as there are not paper or computer records to trace. The good guys and the bad guys are not distinguishable. Others seem to feel that the refugees themselves are able to help and point out those who are OK and those who are not. But either way, there seems to be a real problem.

So what can be done? Honestly, I am not sure.

Here is what I wish could happen.

  1. Stop the political nonsense and let’s roll up our sleeves and really hit this head on. Mocking people for wanting to wait a moment only shows your true leftist colors and does not change any minds. Deciding all Syrians are guilty because they are Muslims is also a mistake.
  2. Before we jump, let’s get the best possible view of what is honestly below our feet.
  3. If we want to continue to allow all the different people of the world to come to the US we need a President and government that actually obeys the laws that are in place to protect the citizens. This includes:
    1. Restoring the dignity of Police Officers that are protecting citizens. We cannot have possible issues without a trusted and honored police force.
    2. A recognition that being here in the US as a noncitizen is a privilege. We need a federal government with a willingness to deport and keep out criminal immigrants, illegal or not.
  4. We really have to figure out a decent vetting system. And I am not just talking about screening out terrorists, because honestly that does not seem to be a problem for first generation refugees. Instead we need to vet those who are willing to obey our laws and submit to a secular society that is tolerant of others.
  5. We need to stem the flow of foolish and destructive leftist and entitlement thinking. This is killing our country and hurting our chances for a prosperous future. Adding refugees into our inner cities plagued with a destructive entitlement ideology seems like a recipe for disaster.
  6. We need a plan on how we will handle the disenfranchised refugees once their gratefulness fades and they are hit with the harsh realities of how difficult it is to get a start in the US. How will we handle the children of Muslim refugees who are the ones turning out to be radical Muslims?

You may read this and think I am against allowing the refugees to come to the US. Actually, I am not! I just want us to be wise about how we go about doing it.

This task really is a difficult one. I am dismayed at rabid “rebukes” unleashed on the churches and on the “republicans” insinuating that they have no heart. I have a very large heart. I just want to know if all those liberals who are foaming at the mouth over my hesitation will be cleaning up the messes in 10 years from now. Oh wait, I recall how unloving the “right” was accused of being for not loving enough and increasing welfare spending 20 years ago. With unprecedented welfare spending we now have the very mess predicted but somehow the left still blames the right. Without a level headed response and well thought out immigration plan the same mistake and subsequent mess is destined to happen. And no doubt, the liberal left will somehow blame it on the right.

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  1. I think you covered all the points of concern! Better safe, than sorry…..and in my opinion, ten years down the line, it will be almost impossible to undo the damage…

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