Press No Longer Diligent Pursuers of Truth

proof-008I am amazed at how “stupid” the press has been as of late. First it seemed to be a few isolated incidents. High profile embarrassments with big named papers like the New York Times having to apologize and retract stories, then fire reporters for fabricating stories. And I am not just talking about the infamous Jayson Blair fired back in 2003. But it does seem like Jayson was the first “water” out of the hole in the media dyke and now the water is flowing so fast, I am not sure the dyke can be saved.

Presently, it seems to me that sloppy reporting is the norm. And no one is being fired. Actually, the press just goes on without even apologizing or retracting stories.

Over the last several weeks there have been supposed “lies” revealed in Ben Carson’s book. Here are some of them.

He lied about receiving a full scholarship to West Point and it would never have been called a scholarship

This now infamous “scoop” by POLITICO was so idiotic it caused a great embarrassment for the tabloid. Since then a recruitment brochure from the time period of Ben Carson’s graduation from high school that clearly calls a West Point education is a “full government scholarship.” Also, it is now clear that someone with Carson’s grades and history in the ROTC would clearly have been “recruited.”

There was no “prank” exam at Yale so he could not have gotten $10 from the proctor

Carson’s campaign released an article from the Yale student newspaper on January 14, 1970 clearly stating that the hoax happened. Carson’s campaign also got an eye witness who clearly remembered the hoax and said there was cash offered to some students.

The story of his attempting to stab someone when he was young was never corroborated 

Carson’s campaign released a Parade Magazine article from May 11 1997 quoting his mother telling the story.

A class he described at Yale does not exist

Carson’s campaign released the Yale University link of the questioned class

fox blog

Here is the kicker. As far as I know, none of the offending news organizations, not POLTICO (though they did retract parts of the story), not CNN, not Wall Street Journal or any other news organization that made these claims has offered an apology and corrected their stories.

The University of Missouri “scandal” has been a news story in nearly all the major news media outlets. But now a Fox Sports blog reveals that it is likely based on lies, and at the very least,k all uncorroborated stories which could not possibly be in the control of the University President. Check out the blog here: Fox Sports Mizzou Story

Which brings me back to my original assertion. The press has become “stupid” and lazy and as a result completely unreliable. Unfortunately, this sloppy, careless reporting has turned most of the media into nothing more than tabloids.

What a shame.

Mark Strohm, Jr.

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