Everyone Loves To Be Offended

Is it just me or does everyone love to be offended?

From the liberal’s scream of victimhood, to the conservative’s complaints of a lack of equal treatment, everyone seems to be offended. And now the Christians are joining in on the fun.

Are Christians complaining about the horrible treatment middle eastern Christians are enduring? How about the plight of Israel? Perhaps the concerning trend of the secularization of our Christian youth? The rapidly increasing Biblical illiteracy? Nope. None of these appear to have the general population of Christians upset.

What has them upset? Red cups.


starbucks red cup
Taken from Starbucks website.

OK, let me acknowledge, that the “serious” Christians I know are not actually upset by this. It seems to be the Christmas and Easter crowd that is all up in arms. Apparently they have a “divine” right to feel the Christmas spirit while sipping their cup of Joe. Mind you this is the same crowd that basically asserts that we should not take this spiritual stuff too seriously. But apparently we should take our Christmas Joy very seriously.

Funny thing about this, Starbucks has avoided specifically Christmas symbols and if I am not mistaken, even the mention of the phrase “Merry Christmas” for some time. They have long since replaced the baby Jesus with snowflakes and bows and fireplaces. I realize that their introduction of this year’s cup (which I think has been taken down due to the controversy as I could not find it on their website) states something to the effect that they wanted to include all with the collection.

Look on the bright side, they still call the coffee blend that comes out this season their Christmas Blend! Let’s give them something here.


But I have to admit that they were not willing to go so far as to keep the word Christmas in Christmas tree with their Advent Calendar.


Honestly, what is the real frustration here? That in taking “being offended” to a new level, we have trivialized those who are honestly being offended, day in and day out. Those who are suffering at the hands of oppressors, those who have been forgotten or neglected. If we really want to preserve the message and meaning of Christmas we would be better served to spread the Christmas spirit by ministering to the real offended and drink coffee from red cups quietly.

That is my view, so don’t holler if you see me at Starbucks.

So, what do you think? Tell me below.