Stop The Killing Now!

I have seen a statement following the Las Vegas shooting over and over on facebook. It goes something like this – “As individuals die in the street, nothing is being done about it.” or “Another mass shooting and again, nothing will be done about it.”

As our world looks less and less to God and personal responsibility and instead more and more to the Government to be our heavenly father many have expressed that nothing can be done without government intervention. They honestly believe that if the government does not pass a new law, then “nothing” is being done to stop the endless killing.

It is interesting to me that it takes a white man killing mostly white people to suddenly get our society upset. While poor, inner-city children are losing their lives daily to gun violence, both inner city, and rural American kids are dying due to drug overdoses, and thousands of children from all over America and all races are being taken out of their homes and placed into foster care because of a horrifying opioid and alcohol crisis, very few seem to be worked up about these issues.

Well, I for one have been worked up for some time. My facebook friends are right – something needs to be done. And in my opinion, the answer if within the church!

The answer is found in 2 Chronicles 7:14
“if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

Here is what I suggest:

  1. Christians should seek God and ask God to revive their hearts. May his grace set us on the right path so that our light will honestly shine in a dark and desperate world.
  2. Christians need to actively seek to be “salt and light” in a dark and desperate world.
    1. Make your home hospitality centers once again. Invite others, especially non-Christians into your home so you can share fellowship and live out your Christian values.
    2. Get to church EVERY Sunday. Make it a priority. If your Church does not boldly proclaim the Word of God, find one that does.
    3. Pray and read your Bible. Shocking, but most Christians do not.
  3. Families need to get back to the root of what God intended for parents to be. Parents are not primarily given the task of making kids happy and successful. Your kids are not for your self-fulfillment and enjoyment! (Read a great blog post by my daughter Julie: They should:
    1. See training as a primary function of the home, including treating discipline as an act of love and discipleship.
    2. Get those kids in Church.
    3. Stop wanting and pushing for your kids to be successful – in sports, academics and other pursuits. Instead, pray with and set reasonable goals for your kids. Praise them for their diligence and persistence. Success will nearly always come and without the issues that “success pressure” puts on kids.
    4. Slow down with all the activities and increase together time. Together time means face to face – time without electronics or movies.
    5. Actively talk about and pass on your faith to your kids. Use bedtime to talk to your kids. Use travel time to talk to your kids. Go for walks. But talk to your kids and while talking, pass on your beliefs. Not just what you believe, but why you believe it.
  4. Churches should begin to reach out in non-traditional ways including:
    1. Single Mom Ministry
    2. Ministry to fatherless boys (
    3. Recruit and train godly families to be foster parents
    4. Re-focus on discipleship instead of “funship.”
    5. Begin to once again take Bible study seriously. It is time to abandon the failed cute and shallow “moral” lessons. Let’s all be honest. It did not work. Instead, get them grounded in the Word of God! The morality will follow.

It is time to stop thinking that any government can reach the heart of its people. Instead, we should let the government do the job God intended. To protect the nation, praise those who do good and punish those who do bad.

Instead, we should all feel personally responsible for our little corner of the world. Let us follow Matthew 5:16
“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

Now get out there and start getting things “done!”

May God’s grace and peace be with you,


If I Were The Devil – Paul Harvey

I have listened to this  1964 broadcast several times. It is timeless despite being 53 years old! Every time I listen I am amazed at how accurate Paul Harvey’s concern for the future is.

So thankful for the ability to “go against the tide” by bringing our kids to church, teaching biblical values and having Christian schools that support those values!

My heart is so sad to see many Christian parents cave to the pressures of the day. Some just give up and take the attitude of “whatever will be, will be.” They claim to “instill values” into their children, but their efforts do not match their claims. Then there are those Christian parents who want to live in both worlds. They have “modified” what is Christian in an effort to be “relevant” and “acceptable” to the world.  They claim their parents “missed the mark” when it comes to understanding Scripture’s intent. Ironically, in an effort to make Christianity palatable to the world, they not only ignore Scripture’s intent but they ignore some of the most clearly stated Scriptural commands. Perhaps most disturbing is their wholesale disregard for personal responsibility and holiness, a central theme in Scripture.

I find it ironic that the real rebels and brave countercultural heroes of our day are parents who work hard to support traditional values. Not an easy task.

Dear God, bless those parents who stand up against the onslaught of filth!

*Thanks to One American News for bringing this to my attention once again!

American Ignorance Causes Disdain for the Atomic Bomb’s Use

The use of the Atomic Bomb in World War II is more controversial than ever.  Schools and Colleges are teaching our children that the US was at worse vicious and at least impatient in deciding to use the bomb. But those protesting and declaring the immorality of the United States have no grasp on History. The battle of Okinawa, an Island 340 miles from Japan, served as a precursor as to what was to come. Here are the stats:

– Despite being outgunned the Japanese fought for 82 days
– Over 160,000 casualties
— 100,000+ Japanese soldiers died
— 40,000+ civilians died
— 15,000+ American soldiers died
Some estimates figured that the battle of Okinawa’s 160,000 was a drop in the bucket compared to the death toll of a ground battle in Japan. Everyone was convinced the toll would be much higher.
Despite relentless bombing on the Japanese main line, the Japanese showed no signs of giving up. Here are the stats:
– Japan had 1 million men
– 5,000 aircraft
– new kamikaze pilots were being trained
– an entire ship was sent out with orders that every man on the ship was to fight to the death (It did not even have enough fuel to return.)
– there was evidence that civilians were being trained in soldier killing suicide tactics
In the months following the actual results of the two bombs shocked everyone. But here are the death tolls approximated 4 months after to include those who died of radiation poisoning (does not include many who had shortened lives due to cancers):
– Hiroshima, 146,000 (original estimates were 90,000)
– Nagasaki, 80,000 (original estimates were between 35,000 and 50,000)
Even after these bombings, the Japanese War Council would not give up. It was the Japanese Emperor who finally, with huge pressure, convinced the War Council to allow the soldiers to surrender.
The shock of what happened convinced the US to be very careful with this technology and to avoid its use at all costs. The US has successfully avoided its repeated use despite treasonous acts which have given this technology to other countries. So there is no evidence that the US was somehow callous to what happened. The only callous individuals seem to be those who show little concern for the civilian Japanese and US soldiers of the time, assuming that a ruthless and “fight to the end” Japan was somehow going to “be nice” and give up.
When I see such ignorance, my heart is saddened. It seems like our schools and colleges are no longer places where good, healthy and even sometimes heated debates occur. Instead, they have become bastions of liberal indoctrination.
I am thankful that parents still have alternatives. Conservative and Christian parents would be wise, when available, to take advantage of these alternatives.

Racism and Other Hate

Along with the the overwhelming vast majority of people, the actions of this past weekend thoroughly disgust me.

Yes, I stand against racism, which is a subset of overall hate. I have no patience for people who judge by the color of one’s skin. Truthfully I have no patience for any type of hate. I could list dozens of Scriptures concerning this, but I think it is better done by here: How to Handle Hate  There you will find loads of Scriptures.

But something else is really, really bothering me.

Situational Ethics.

I know, it is an old school concept that Christians from the 80’s and 90’s were all worked up about.  But the reality of situational ethics, that is the idea that some actions can be considered right or wrong, depending on the situation, puts man at the center of right and wrong instead of an almighty God, who has given us the Bible to help us navigate right and wrong.

Situational Ethics says if a child will be born with a problem like Down Syndrome, then it is OK to kill the pre-born baby.

Situational Ethics says stealing may or may not be wrong, depending on the situation.

So what has me a bit confused as of late is how people decide which leaders and historic figures are or are not moral. There does not seem to be any guiding principles as how to decide this.

So somehow, someway, situational ethics apparently says it is wrong to support Robert E. Lee but it is not wrong to support Che Guevera.

I am no Lee fan. I think idolizing him is obnoxious as he desired to preserve slavery and agreed to fight against his country. I have made this point before. I have called for the retirement of public displays of the confederate flag because it is divisive. But I also want to say that the new hatred for him by the very people who have lacked any moral disgust for some very immoral characters is a bit disingenuous.

How about we do what Martin Luther King, Jr. said – “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” Again – I am NOT defending Lee. I am saying that we need to judge all people by the content of their character.

I ask the question “How is it that some very bad people are praised by the academic and political elite?” I have concluded that it has nothing to do with who is good and who is bad, but is completely political. The use of hate for political gain.

Some will criticize Christians for our radical stance on grace and forgiveness of sins. They will argue that there are people who should not be forgiven. But the Gospel is foolishness to them who do not believe. At the same time, Christians should never participate in situational ethics deciding who is “good” and who is “bad” and thereby who should be hated for political gain.

Content of their Character – now that is a good standard to apply – for everyone, everywhere!

Basic truths are not situational.

I have said it before and will say it again – our country is in desperate need of a heart revival. May God move upon our hearts.


If you are a Bible or philosophy geek and would like to read more on this subject you can do so here:

Attacks on Our Young Women

After reading this article concerning the Army allowing transgender individuals with male genitalia to shower with women, I was saddened.
click picture for the article

The debate over “accommodations” has been raging in the education field for some time now. When do one person’s accommodations outweigh another person’s comforts or even their emotional needs and/or opportunities? School districts decided special needs students who required additional accommodations had the right to be in mainstreamed classrooms, even if that meant fewer opportunities for the other children. Many of these policies were announced with great fanfare but then were quietly amended or eliminated them due to the poor academic outcomes. (I might add many insisted that bringing in special needs students was going to strengthen and improve the other students, but that did not end up happening due to the increased demands on teachers and resources.)

Now the transgender debate seems to be mirroring the education debate. Instead of “equal” accommodations, the present thought is to have the “same” accommodations. This accommodation is being carried out regardless of the emotional needs and comforts of others, especially our young women.

What many do not know about the Obama Administration suit which sought to require schools to “respect” transgendered individuals choice of gender identity when it came to bathroom use, is that many of the schools had already installed individual bathrooms. Transgender students were already not required to use the boy’s room. They could use the individual bathrooms – as could anyone. If using the boy’s room made them feel uncomfortable, there was a great alternative. But the Obama administration sued and insisted that high schools give the transgender individuals the “same” bathrooms that the girls used. Meaning, despite very good accommodations, the girls had to allow these individuals with male genitals into their bathroom. Now it appears the Army has followed the “same” instead of “equal” philosophy. It means they are trading the emotional needs of one group, for the preference of another.

To equate this with other movements such as racial civil rights does not, in my opinion, hold up. Feeling uncomfortable with someone who has more or less pigment in their skin is not the same as being uncomfortable with someone with the opposite genitalia using your bathroom and showering with you.

I have a feeling the “same” rather than “equal” movement in the Army will not go well. But let’s be honest, there are fewer and fewer safe places for our young women. A highly sexualized world and porn-infused boys have already made this a relatively unsafe world for girls.

So here is a controversial thought:
What if we had a Biblical revival of the heart in our churches? What if Moms, together with help from Dads, made it their goal to train our children in a Biblical worldview and protect them from this over-sexualized, sinful world? And then what if our boys grew up to be men who in turn, protect the women and children so this Biblical training can continue?

How safe, physically and emotionally would our world be? My guess – much more.

But this would require us to accept that men and women have different positions. They are equal at the foot of the cross, equal in their value to God and men, equal in deserving and receiving protection and services from the church and government – but hold different positions. Different positions which help in the success of family and country.

Women protect the children, including the boys. Boys grow up to protect the women. Humm? Why is that so controversial? Is such a concept found in the Bible?

Why not read that Bible and find out?


Guyana Missions Trip

Philly Area Friends,

My church, Bread of Life, is sending a Team to Guyana April 19 – 24. I and 3 others will be traveling through Guyana.

Guyana is a small country on the northern side of South America. It is the only English-speaking country on the continent. The people are relatively poor and many still live in underdeveloped towns and villages some of which are only accessible by boat or plane. According to The Guardian, they have a high percentage of mental illness, witchcraft and they have the highest suicide rate in the world. Their high poverty and murder rate are also serious problems.

This country NEEDS the love of Jesus. One of our Team Members grew up in Guyana and has assembled a group of devoted National Christians who are willing and ready to do wonderful works as a platform to reach out to the people of Guyana with the gospel of Jesus Christ. But they need our help.

We are being sent to do the following:

Meet and encourage 4 Pastors – often the pastors in Guyana feel isolated and under prepared. We hope to encourage them through prayer, fellowship and by bringing them books to encourage and help build their faith and understanding of God’s Word.

Meet with a retired medic – She is retired, but because of so few options, many individuals from the interior (remote villages) come to her house for treatment of diseases such as malaria, fevers, coughs and sickness as well as a “stopover” so she can triage, treat or administer first aid and stabilize individuals to help prepare them for a long trip into the city where individuals can receive hospital treatment. Someday she would love to set up a clinic, but until then she does what she can literally from her house. We would like to bless her with some supplies.

Survey and investigate how to turn a house into a Dorm for students from remote villages. – Even with good grades, some students have no choice but to stop school after 8th grade because they cannot afford the cost of boat rides, some as long as 20 miles, to get to a more populated area which has a high school. The house we will visit is owned by one of our team members. A Widow of a Pastor is ready and willing to be the house mom. All we need to do is convert the house and raise funds to keep it going and feed hungry high school students during the week.

Here is how you can help:

We have 3 or 4 suitcases which can weigh up to 50 pounds in which we can bring supplies for the Medic and Ministerial books for the Pastors. If you live here in the Philly area and would like to make a contribution of goods, we would appreciate it very much. We need Ministerial books and supplies for the Medic.

Donations can be brought to Bread of Life Church in Upper Darby or Delaware County Christian School’s Upper Campus in Newtown Square or message me to arrange a meeting place. We would need these donations by Monday, April 17.

Medic Supply Suggestions:

-sterile gauze dressings and rolls – all sizes

-bottles of painkillers (unopened)

-tweezers, scissors, small tubs (often can be taken after a doctor/emergency care visit if you ask for disposable supplies that were used on you)

-antiseptic cream (small packets especially helpful)

-bandages (1 inch thick and larger)


*Please note – we are not taking clothing or food supplies.

Thanks for your help!


P.S. I am trying to “earn” my way for this trip. So if you are interested in having a Family Portrait Session, I would love to take your pictures! You can check out my work at Typically a 1-hour session with at least 30 enhanced digital photographs is $150, but I will do it for any amount you would be willing to give to help me be a blessing to the people of Guyana. Message or call me.

More of Ellen’s Haiku

Ellen Strohm, my darling wife keeps pumping out Haiku. Here are more since the last time I published her work.

For a Friend

A test is a test
Mortality uncertain
Faith Hope Love Joy Peace

Subway Refrain

Doors Are Opening.
Frankfurt train making ALL stops.
Doors Are Closing. Doors…

Grown Women on the Train

Go girl, suck that thumb!
And wear that Pokémon hat!
You be you, Boo Boo!

Snow Forcast

Pink glow of sunrise
Peace belies the threatening
Calm before the storm


Sun is shining! Sunshades!?
Why do we hide from the sun?
Sun. Truth. Let them shine!


Fog. Haze. Distortion.
Fog. He said. She said. They said.
Fog. Where is the sun?

Family Conflict

Angst, turmoil, darkness
Brothers against one another
Hear the cries, listen

Stick Together

Sow kindness, sow love
Do good to all, don’t exclude!
We reap what we sow…


Icy. Frozen. Hard.
Slight and silent, cracking, hope
January thaw

Hope you enjoy her work.


Did Christ Discourage Defense of Self and Family?

I continue to be amazed at what I read from Christians who are appalled at the restrictions of bringing in Refugees to the US. I read how the US should allow in as many refugees as possible. That we should be willing to accept the “dangers” because Christ was a radical who we should emulate. We are told by these individuals that it is biblical to lower our guard and not to worry about differing views on core American values. To defend their “Christian” position, they quote verses like Matthew 25:41-43, an admonition to help those in need when you have the power to do so. We also see verses about loving your enemies and turning the other cheek.

By Robert Cotičderivative work: MagentaGreen – This file was derived from  Slovenska vojska tudi med vikendom v velikem številu pri podpori Policiji 01.jpg:, CC BY 3.0,

Of course, I heartily believe all of these verses. I for one, have spent much effort attempting to invest in and help others. I beg those of you who are posting these articles, to PLEASE join me in being a Court Appointed Special Advocate, to represent children in the foster care system, join me in working with people from other countries, join me in working to recruit men to be mentors to fatherless boys. Join my wife and me in allowing people to live in our home. I BEG you to join me.

But, simply put, just about all of these articles are confusing Scriptural admonition. The issue also comes up when those on the left criticize anyone who would not want massive amounts of tax money to go to help the needy and poor. Even when it comes to husband and wife roles, and many more issues of Scriptural “confusion.” The confusion has to do with Authority and Position.

Different Biblical Positions have different Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Duties of individuals
  • Duties of family leaders
  • Duties of the church
  • Duties of government

The above all have different roles according to Scripture. Let us consider a few things from Scripture:

  • God commanded Israel to protect and defend itself.
  • God commanded those who do not obey the law to be punished.
  • Jesus told his disciples to live under the law.
  • Jesus, in a violent act, drove out of the Temple, those who wished to desecrate it.
  • Jesus’ disciples carried swords, and he even told them to obtain swords.
  • Isreal was commanded to be good to the foreigners – repeatedly.
  • God instructs us to be wise to the deceptive ways of the enemy.

And on and on we can look at Scripture. At first, it can seem confusing. Are we all to do the above verses? Is Government to do all of the above verses? But are there differences as to which of the Positions are to accept and follow through on certain responsibilities?

I believe it is evident, that the answer is YES! Here are just a few of the responsibilities I find in Scripture:

Personally, we are to love and invest in others! Friends, enemies, Christians, non-Christians, anyone who we come into daily contact. We are to be a living example of Jesus.

As a father and husband, I see Scripture that forbids me from allowing certain people into my homes (go ahead and look it up!) I am worse than an infidel if I do not protect my family. I am to love, lead, provide for, and protect my family.

The Church is to preach and teach God’s Word. They are to invest in families and lovingly discipline when people are not walking the way they should be. The church is to take care of the widow and fatherless.

The Government is to protect it citizens. God has very harsh wording for leaders who do not protect. The government should reward those who are good and punish those whose actions are evil.

Truthfully, I am disturbed by many of the “Christian” articles I am reading that are proclaiming our country “non-Christian” based on the present policy which seeks to correct the way we admit refugees. These disturb me for two reasons. First, these articles seem to switch personal responsibilities to government responsibilities. My concern is that individuals will feel relieved of and no longer fulfill their personal God-given responsibility. Second, by incorrectly assigning personal responsibility to the Government, our country significantly weakens our Government’s ability to protect and keep safe its people. We inadvertently destroy God’s plan for Government.

I have a confession to make. I was one of the people who faded out Sunday School and brought in Children’s Church. At first Children’s Church “simplified” the biblical message. But then the simplified message morphed into a social gospel, confusing or shifting responsibilities and no longer fulfilling II Timothy 2:15 “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.”

I dearly wish we understood the different positions God has ordained.

As I have stated before, I am for bringing in refugees. However, I believe we need to vet them and stop our present practice of ignoring the Christian refugees. The system is broken and has weakened our defenses as a country. I desire this to be fixed before we continue the influx of refugees. I firmly believe this is Biblical because God has ordained the Government to protect its people. Looking at Germany’s “Night of Rapes” and hundreds and hundreds of reports of refugees with a clearly different view of women, and how inner cities are being destroyed, where poor German boys are routinely being beaten in the schools where Muslims dominate, cannot be ignored. These dangers are very real. My heart brakes because not only are we undermining governments ability to do its job, the very roots of masculinity, where the man and father are to protect and lead in the spiritual learning process, are destroyed by the contemporary social gospel.

Lord help us!




Sometimes life is full of struggles. I am not talking about superficial struggles – like having to spend hours setting up a new computer because your old one broke, or waiting all day for your new refrigerator to be delivered only to have its arrival come at 6:30 in the evening when you would have been home anyway. Both of these events happened to me this past week.

But we all go through some real struggles. My health has really been an issue the last several months. My wife has been working through some real difficult challenges in her professional career. To Ellen and me, these have been real struggles.

Last night, in a moment, all our struggles seemed so trite when news arrived letting us know of a friend who has suffered a real tragedy – within the last 24 hours, he lost not one, but both of his grown sons.

Perspective. Instantly I realized my life is very good.

I am so thankful for God’s blessings and for His allowing me to live this life. Thank you, Lord, for my beautiful family. My Dad, siblings and their families, my wonderful wife, children and their spouses, and grandchildren. I am thankful for friends who I can spend time with and together we can share struggles and joys. I am thankful for my Church and Pastor who love and invest in me by sharing God’s Word and give me an opportunity to love and invest in others. I am thankful that each and every day I can get up and do work for our Lord! His provisions have been so miraculous over and over. Yet, still, I find myself complaining! I can personally identify with the rebukes on the people of Israel who complained after being blessed so richly.

God, help me be thankful and grateful for all you have given me! I pray I stop looking at the struggles and focus on your blessings and faithfulness.

May it be so Lord,


Can You Recognize Common Fallacies?

By NBC Television – eBay itemphoto frontphoto back, Public Domain,

I am constantly amazed at how “emotional” many discussions end up being. Often individuals want to make a point, but when their position ends up not being defensible, or it is defensible, but they are not sure how to defend their position, they turn to common fallacies. But when I point out their fallacy, more often that not, I get a blank stare! Now, I know that both our private and public schools teach these fallacies in English class and even in Speech and other classes such as debate. But for some reason, many leave high school with no ability to recognize these fallacies in real life.

What has really amazed me is that now Scientists and Journalists have begun to regularly use fallacies. Two professions that used to pride themselves on holding a higher standard due to their stated policies of never using fallacies for support or making a point. (Which as far as I know, they still would say they do not use fallacies, but it does not take much effort to prove otherwise.)

Here is a quick primer on fallacies – something we all need to recognize.

The following information on fallacies is taken from (from

A fallacy is an erroneous argument dependent upon an unsound or illogical contention. There are many fallacy examples that we can find in everyday conversations.

Types of Fallacies
Here are a few well-known kinds of fallacies you might experience when making an argument:

1. Appeal to Ignorance
Appeal to ignorance happens when one individual utilizes another individual’s lack of information on a specific subject as proof that his or her own particular argument is right.

“You can’t demonstrate that there aren’t Martians living in caves on the surface of Mars, so it is sensible for me to accept there are.”

2. Appeal to Authority
This sort of error is also known as “Argumentum Verecundia” (argument from modesty). Instead of concentrating on the benefits of an argument, the arguer will attempt to append their argument to an individual of power or authority in an effort to give trustworthiness to their argument.

“Well, Isaac Newton trusted in Alchemy, do you suppose you know more than Isaac Newton?”

3. Appeal to Popular Opinion
This sort of appeal is when somebody asserts that a thought or conviction is correct since it is the thing that the general population accept.

“Lots of individuals purchased this collection, so it must be great.”

4. Association Fallacy
Sometimes called “guilt by affiliation,” this happens when somebody connects a particular thought or drill to something or somebody negative so as to infer blame on another individual.

“Hitler was a veggie lover, in this way, I don’t trust vegans.”

5. Attacking the Person
Also regarded as “Argumentum ad Hominem” (argument against the man), this is a common fallacy used during debates where an individual substitutes a rebuttal with a personal insult.

“Don’t listen to Eddie’s contentions on instruction, he’s a simpleton.”

6. Begging the Question
The conclusion of a contention is accepted in the statement of the inquiry itself.

“If outsiders didn’t take my daily paper, who did?” (accept that the daily paper was really stolen).

7. Circular Argument
This fallacy is also known as “Circulus in Probando”. This error is committed when an argument takes its evidence from an element inside the argument itself instead of from an outside one.

“I accept that Frosted Flakes are incredible since it says as much on the Frosted Flakes bundling.”

8. Relationship Implies Causation Fallacy
Also called “Cum Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc”, this fallacy is a deception in which the individual making the contention joins two occasions that happen consecutively and accepts that one made the other.

“I saw a jaybird and ten minutes after the fact, I crashed my auto, in this manner, jaybirds are terrible fortunes.”

9. False Dilemma/Dichotomy
Sometimes called “Bifurcation”, this sort of error happens when somebody presents their argument in such a way that there are just two conceivable alternatives left.

“If you don’t vote for this applicant, you must be a Communist.”

10. Illogical conclusion
This is a fallacy wherein somebody attests a conclusion that does not follow from the suggestions.

“All Dubliners are from Ireland. Ronan is not a Dubliner, in this manner, he is not Irish.”

11. Slippery Slope
The error happens when one contends that an exceptionally minor movement will unavoidably prompt great and frequently ludicrous conclusions.

“If we permit gay individuals to get hitched, what’s afterward? Permitting individuals to wed their pooches?”

12. Syllogism Fallacy

This fallacy may also be used to form incorrect conclusions that are odd. Syllogism fallacy is a false argument as it implies an incorrect conclusion.

“All crows are black and the bird in my cage is black. So, the bird in my cage is a crow.”


Remember, none of these fallacies adds to the underlying understanding of a discussion. Emotional appeal maybe, but not to get to a greater understanding.

So quiz yourself. Can you tell which fallacies appear in each of these statements?

  1. “Everyone knows that global warming is happening and that it is just a matter of time before a catastrophe happens.”
  2. “So tell me then, how do you suppose Government has to help the refugees?”
  3. “So you don’t want your tax money spent to help these needy people, so you are not kind and compassionate and are a selfish pig.”
  4. “If you cut the corporate tax rate the company leaders will pocket the money and because they will take more than their fair share and will not pay the needed taxes poverty and hardships will increase, then crime will increase and our country will be a huge mess.”
  5. “Don’t tell me Christians are good people, just remember those greedy, immoral TV preachers. The whole lot of Christians are bad.”
  6. “Who are you to tell me there are universal rights and wrongs? I have more degrees than you and you could not even get into a good college!”

(Key 1 – #3, 2 – #6, 3 – #7, 4 – #11, 5 – #4, 6 – #5)

Parents and grandparents, we need to teach our children to watch for these fallacies. While watching the news, or right after a discussion, “debrief” your children and grandchildren and show them how fallacies are being used. Help them understand good arguments.

Of course, every belief can not actually be defended or argued and won. That is because we each start with a different set of assumptions I call Worldview. But, we can teach our family to watch for fallacies and how to present their side in an effective way.